By Rachel Olson, Michèle Mazzocco, and Sheila Williams Ridge

Key Points:

  • Caregivers and teachers can help develop young children’s math skills without taking over their outside playtime.
  • See examples of how to incorporate nature into math teaching in this short…

By Sarah Pan and Michèle Mazzocco

This time of year is perfect for appreciating the warm sun and company that a farmers’ market can provide. In addition to a variety of fruits and vegetables, you can find many examples of early math at the farmers’ market. A visit to the…

By Linda M. Platas

Activities such as card games, shape puzzles, and building with Legos offer great opportunities to practice early math. But, if the activities are too easy or too difficult, children quickly get bored or frustrated. …

By the DREME Family Math team

Key Points:

  • Look for books that explore numbers beyond 10 and show a variety of shapes.
  • Share this short video resource about choosing engaging math books.

Reading together offers many opportunities for young children…

By Angela Chan Turrou

Key Points:

  • The initiative kicked off with an in-person meeting in Fall 2019 and continued…

By Jenny Yun-Chen Chan and Michèle Mazzocco

Key points:

● All kinds of play present opportunities to develop children’s early math skills.

● A great way to promote early math learning is to expand on children’s own comments and observations, letting children lead the play.

● We share ideas for…

By Herbert P. Ginsburg

It is often said that math is all around us. Playgrounds, for instance, can be a great place for caregivers and children to explore the math around them as they play. Let’s see what that means for a young child and a caregiver. …

By Eric Dearing and Sara Schnitzer

Key Points:

  • There are easy ways to build children’s counting knowledge while reading together.
  • See how real families use picture books to support their children’s counting skills.

“How many elephants are on this page? Let’s…

This guest blog by Amy Tanner, professor of mathematics education at Brigham Young University and founder of The Kids’ Quadrant website, suggests ways to engage all children in early math learning.

Key Points:

  • Math is full of…

By Jenny Yun-Chen Chan, Michèle Mazzocco, and Megan Onesti

Key Points:

  • Parents and caregivers support their children’s math development when they notice and talk about math in their daily routines.
  • Deepen children’s math thinking by expanding…

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A network of scholars in early math education, conducting research & developing materials to promote young children’s math learning.

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