Help Children Build Positive Math Attitudes

  • Children develop attitudes toward math through their interactions with parents and caregivers.
  • Positive math attitudes support children’s interest in math learning.
  • There are simple strategies that families can use to promote positive math attitudes.

Encourage Positive Attitudes

Parents and caregivers can help their children build positive math attitudes. See easy strategies for doing so in this video.

Embrace Mistakes

Ask Questions

  • How did you figure that out?
  • What are you doing?
  • How did you know?
  • What are some other ways we can try?

Praise Effort

  • Good job counting!
  • I saw you point to each object. That was a great way to keep track!
  • I like how you kept trying to solve the problem!
  • Great work. You had a good idea about how to share the toys fairly!

Stay Positive

Put These Tips into Practice



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DREME Network


A network of scholars in early math education, conducting research & developing materials to promote young children’s math learning.